NYFW: the new Fall Winter 2017-2018 trends

NYFW: the new Fall Winter 2017-2018 trends

Posted by Palaceofchic on Nov 7th 2017

It’s no easy task to be the first fashion week, the one that gets the fashion month party started. All eyes are on you in that case, expectations are very high, especially in terms of spectacular locations and cover-worthy first rows. And while it may not always be so easy to compete with cities like Paris and Milan when it comes to style, this season New York really nailed it, maybe because they were aware that this January will be the last time that some big names — Lacoste among them — would have shows there, before moving to Paris. The shows were the backdrop of social and political demonstrations but they were also a place of great comebacks and interesting developments, delineating pretty clearly what the Fall Winter 2017-2018 trends are going to be.

Any ideas on how to dress, then? Well, honestly, the advice we are going to give you sounds like something your mum would say: go for layers. Not (only) because of New York’s famously cold weather, but also because it is possibly the simplest way to make an outfit more original. If you are wondering about rules, the answer is pretty simple: you can do anything, really, even stuff that might seem to make no sense at first. So, yes to turtlenecks worn under pretty much everything, sweatpants over jeans, dainty tulle or fishnet tops under sleeveless tops or dresses, and sweaters over tailored jackets — yes, really. Layering rules, and the more daring you get, the cooler you will be.
Really, this season, jackets will be under the spotlight, so you’d better get ready to learn what to wear them with, and adapt them to your style. Do you like classics? Then suits are your best friends. Are you rock’n’roll lovers? Wear them with a little denim jacket underneath. Do you have a sensual soul? Wear your jacket as a dress, with a belt around your waist. Really, go buy a few jackets, they will be the season’s must-have: they work with everything, including two other trends we really love. The first of the two is something that influencers have been doing for a while, and we should definitely find ways to include into our closet, too: wearing a dress — either long or short — with pants underneath. If you think about it, this falls into the layering category, but it deserves a special mention because it is impressive without requiring too much effort. The second trend we fell in love with is T-shirts bearing social and political messages. They alone are enough to lend you some cool, but if you wear them with a jacket, the two of them together will be the perfect outfit, both for the office or for a party.

If you feel daring, and feel like investing in a few key items, next winter’s trend is pointing at one unexpected part of our body — our arms! The last few seasons focused on our shoulders, but from next winter on, our attention will move on to sleeves, that will become incredibly elaborate, with peculiar weaves, inserts of multiple materials and accessories, slits and geometric construction. If we had to bet on one item, we would choose a coat with original sleeves. If that is too much, start with a sweater, that will draw attention to you even if you only wear it with jeans. If you put a jacket on top of that, too, well… You already know, right?